House of Sport

Really Loud Soccer Culture

May 10, 2022 Casey Beaman Season 1 Episode 22
House of Sport
Really Loud Soccer Culture
Show Notes

Guests: Patty and Brian (Knox Soccer Podcast), Gustavo Rivera (One Knox SC Player)

On this ep, I’ve got Patrick and Brian from the Knox Soccer Podcast on the show to talk about what all they’ve gotten to see with their work so far with One Knox SC. I also tell them about the time I had a CRAZY interaction with a Farragut player while doing the PA announcing for Maryville High School. 
I’ve got a local Knoxville guy who went to Catholic High School on today who is on the active roster for One Knox. His name is Gustavo Rivera, and he joins me to talk about how practice has been going, and what he sees so far for the identity of the team. 
From DICK’S House of Sport, I’ve got Corban Crossley on today. Corban played D1 college soccer and is now our Bikes and Fitness Lead at the store. He talks about his soccer career, and what all we have to offer if you’re into bikes. 

Listen as I give a coupon code that can be used for 20% off of ANY experience at DICK'S House of Sport.

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